Circle of Life Stories Transcript

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MG: This is Marilyn Geary. It’s October 2, 2010 and I’m at the home of Mr. Louis Wallman. He’s going to be talking about his life in Stanley County. Mr. Wallman, your family has a long history in Stanley County. Can you tell us about your father and how he came here?

LW: Yes, my father came here from Germany about 1892, and he went into business with his brother, who was here a few years ahead of him, and his cousin. Wood and coal and hay and grain business, which was quite a business at that time. And then that partnership broke up, I don’t know why, and he opened his own business, the same business, on the corner of Second and D Streets, Southeast corner. He got burned out of there… I don’t know, a few years after that, so he moved up to Fourth and Grand Street out in South End District. He bought a piece of land out there, maybe an acre or two, from the Liguri family, who are relatives of the Liguris from Contra Costa, and he built his home there. He built a business there, sheds and barns, a barn in the back with three teams of horses when I was a kid, and different wagons, and he carried on from there.

Then in about 1918-1920, around in there, he went into the ice business. He bought a fellow out who was into the ice business in a small way. It was in a small way – no manufacturing plant or that. He was buying it from San Pablo. He bought a couple of big trucks, and he hauled ice from San Pablo every day for a few years. The ice business developed, and then he decided he wanted to build an ice plant of his own to manufacturer his own ice. His home was right there at the end of L Street where it runs into Tenth Street. The house was moved, I don’t know what year, it must have been around 1919, 1920, and it was moved down Tenth Street, up F Street and on to a lot next to the Baptist Church. The house is still there. Of course, the church is still there.

MG: How old were you when that house was moved?

LW: Well, I was born in 1910, so I was nine or ten years of age.

MG: What was it like?

LW: I was in the house. I had the flu at that time, and I was in bed. And I got moved in the house all the way down Tenth Street, up F Street and onto the property. It was a very slow moving thing.