Circle of Life Stories

“To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without roots.”
- Chinese proverb

Circle of Life Stories is a history recording service for individuals, families, organizations, and communities. As a personal historian, I have been preserving life stories and community histories for over ten years. I approach this work with a deep respect for the contributions of those that had gone before us and with gratefulness for the privilege of recording life stories.

Life stories inform, inspire, nurture, and make connections across the generations. Stories from the past can put events into perspective and communicate meaning to loved ones and descendents.

Oral Histories
Oral history interviews are an excellent tool to capture the past. The voices of your family members are stored on audio or video recordings and preserved for future generations.

I can transcribe the interviews and add scans of your photos and memorabilia to create a priceless book to accompany the recordings. I can also preserve your memories in digital format on CD or DVD.

Memory Books
Memory Books are a wonderful way to celebrate a life. Memory books can bring together memories about a person, a pet, an event, a place, such as a last summer’s vacation, or an heirloom, such as your Great Aunt Theresa’s priceless tea set.

Community Histories
Shared stories bring communities together across ethnic, generational, social and economic boundaries. The stories give voice to the community members and help define the community through revealing shared past experiences. The story telling process is a powerful way to create community. I consult on all aspects of community history projects, including procedures, equipment, training, and project planning.

Business/Organizational Histories
Essential information about your organization or business is lost daily. Your organization’s history lives in the minds of you, your employees and members. By preserving those memories, you bring your organization’s history to life for employees, members and constituents. Your history reflects your unique development and heritage. Your business or organization’s history can be documented in print, video or multimedia.

Reunions are a wonderful time to capture family history, since so many family members are together. I can interview family members at your reunion, leaving you to relax and enjoy the gathering.

National and regional conferences provide a similar opportunity to gather memories from members of businesses and organizations.

I can help you write your life stories. Maybe you don’t know where to start? Or you need some help getting unstuck? I can help you at every stage, from initial planning through final editing to publication.

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Life Writing Workshops
I offer life writing workshops based on Denis Ledoux’s book Turning Memories into Memoirs and the Soleil Lifestory Network program.